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Combine Two Pokemon Characters into a New ONE

Finding a rare Pokemon is more than winning a jackpot. You get a lead over competitors and get a chance to try new techniques. However, in Pokemon games, almost all Pokemon are available or discoverable for each player.

This limits the possibility of trying a new taste of Pokemon moves, as every opponent knows almost every Pokemon.

This is where the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator jumps into play. This excellent tool lets you make new and rare Pokemon combinations from two already-known Pokemon species.

From fire to water and electric to ground, you can have robust Pokemon species with new and impressive strengths by grouping two Pokemon and getting butterflies in your stomach. Well, let me spoil your mood.

You can’t use these fusion combinations in your Pokemon games. These are just for fun and to give a deeper understanding of Pokemon moves and their impacts in heated battles.

So whether you are a Pokemon looking to try a blend of different species or want to improve your battling tactics and emerge victorious in each battle, the Pokemon Infinite Fusion combiner is for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss all the Pokemon Infinite fusion calculators, including how to use the Pokemon Infinite fusion generator. Strategies for creating a perfect fusion and some of the most creative Pokemon fusions of all time.

So buckle up as we dive into the endless possibilities of generating new Pokemon pieces.

How to Use the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator is a breeze for every Pokemon Fusion maker. The user-friendly interface, coupled with simple instructions, makes it easy even for beginners. Some steps only take a minute or two, but if you follow them, you can master using the Pokemon merger calculator.

Alongside the steps, we will show a real-life demonstration of how to use this calculator, so stick to the end.

Choose your base Pokemon

The first step of using the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator is to select your base Pokemon. A base Pokemon is your go-to and first-picked Pokemon for the fusion. It is the one that provides the majority of your fusion stats and moves.

You should pick your base Pokemon wisely, as your second pick will depend on it. Choosing the base Pokemon also depends on what type of fusion you want. You cannot pick the same Pokemon for Cross-gen fusion as you are for cross-specie fusion, so do a little research before making the final call.

To search for your base Pokemon, head over to the search bar of the fusion maker or go to the Pokemon infinite fusion Pokedex.

Pick your secondary Pokemon

Selected your base Pokemon? Great! You have done most of the job. Now you need to pick the secondary Pokemon. The secondary Pokemon do not sprinkle most high-end moves and states to your fusion, but it does polish the final appearance.

It adds an aesthetic appearance and sprite to the Pokemon fuser process. Again this will highly depend on your base Pokemon. If your base pick is Charizard, then your second pick cannot be Pikachu.

You need a secondary Pokemon like Garchomp, which is also a dragon type, plus it adds that fiery look to the new fusion. You can select the secondary Pokemon the same way as you do for the primary one.

Pick the fusion type

This step can be done before step 1, but if you have a firm grip over your Pokedex and know different types of Pokemon, then it’s recommended to follow the chronology. The Pokemon fusion generator or the calculator will need proper input of your desired fusion type. There are multiple fusion types.

There is the cross-gen fusion type that fuses Pokemon of different generations. The results are some fiery and unique combinations that catch eyeballs.

For example, you can fuse Pikachu from the first generation and Lucario from the fourth generation to create a powerful electric-fighting type fusion. This fusion will have a unique combo of Pikachu Thunderbolt and Lucario aura sphere.

Then there is the cross-specie fusion. As the name speaks, it is a fusion between two different species of Pokemon. The results are some unique hybrid combinations that can be lethal against opponents.

For example, in this Pokemon combiner process, you can combine Blastoise (a water type) with Charizard ( a fire, flying and dragon type) to create a unique hybrid of water, flying, firing and dragon-type Pokemon.

Last but not least, the mega-evolution fusion merges a Pokemon with its mega-evolved form. Sounds crazy right? Imagine Greninja getting fused with Mega-Greninja. You can only imagine endless moves and possibilities. I can see a super-mega shuriken from here.

Customize your fusion

Once you are done with all the inputs and creatives, the next step is to review your picks quickly. The Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator lets you play with different customization options, including EVs, moves and abilities, to create a customized Pokemon sprite from your picks.

Press the FUSION button

The last step of the Pokemon fusion maker process is to hit the Fusion button. You can find the button clearly highlighted on the Pokemon Infinite Fusion maker.

A practical example of using the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator

You can use the above step-by-step process to master utilizing the fusion calculator. However, if the theory bores you and you are looking for a clearer picture of the Pokemon combiner process, then let’s have a practical example.

Suppose you want to create a powerful and robust new fusion for your Poke team that gives challenging and exciting battles when facing world-class opponents.

You decide to fuse your favourite and go-to Pokemon Charizard with another dragon fury-type Garchomp. Here’s how you can use the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator.

The first step is choosing the base Pokemon. You will go to the search bar and locate Charizard. Found it? Great. Now pick this powerful fire and flying type beast.

Next up is choosing your secondary Pokemon. In this case, it will be speed and dragon combo Garchomp. Again use the search bar for that.

Once you are done with both of the picks, next up is choosing the fusion process. Since Charizard and Garchomp aren’t from different generations and neither are the mega-evolved forms of the other, the only fusion process you can go for is the cross-spice.

This fusion process will let you combine Charizard’s fire and flying-type moves with the ground and dragon-type moves of Garchomp to yield a robust and powerful hybrid beast.

But don’t click the fuse button yet. With the fusion calculator, you can always play with customization. You can set different EV moves for Pokemon and play with other moves and stats to bring up a more lethal and customized Pokemon.

Once done with all of the steps above. Now you can press the fusion button. The result will be a powerful and dangerous hybrid of Charizard and Garchomp that will not have mercy on any opponent.

It will blend Charizard’s signature move, flamethrower and Garchomp’s signature move, dragon claw, to wreak havoc on opponents.

Now we have that, and the Pokemon Infinite Fusion merger will be a breeze for you to use.

Tips and Strategies for Pokemon fusion

Pokemon Fusion brings up endless opportunities to create unique and versatile species. Here are some tips and strategies to fire up your Pokemon fusion maker process.

Note: These tips are optional. You can rely on your creativity in the infinite fusion calculator to yield robust fused Pokemon species. But they can help you to input easy and effective instructions into the calculator.

Choose Pokemon with complementary types:

Complementary types mean picking Pokemon that complain or support each other’s skills. If you are aware of different types of matchups of Pokemon, you can create a powerful and resilient fused species.

For example, you could use a water-type Pokemon like Lapras with a grass-type Pokemon like Venusaur to create a water/grass-type species resilient to water and grass-type moves.

Look for Pokemon with high base stats

Base stats are essential when fusing two Pokemon. If you pick your primary Pokemon with high base stats and the secondary one with low, then the new species will not have ideal and influential stats.

So it’s essential to go for high base stats. For example, both Salamanca and mew-too are high-base stats Pokemon. Fusing them will result in a powerful hybrid of dragon and physic-type Pokemon.

Look for Pokemon with unique abilities

Fusing common types of Pokemon is easy. But merging Pokemon with unique abilities can help you come up with rare species of Pokemon. For example, fusing the legendary Pokemon Lugia and Palkia can result in an unexpected and extremely rare species with unusual and powerful moves.

These tips will save you time and help you get better results from your input. Now let’s move further in the article.

30 Hot and Unique Pokemon Fusion Combinations

Bulbasaur + Squirtle

Mixing the Grass/Poison-type Bulbasaur with the Water-type Squirtle creates a special Grass/Water-type creature. This creature has the abilities of both Bulbasaur and Squirtle, making it very strong and versatile. It can use grass and water attacks, making it a powerful hybrid.

Charizard + Blastoise

Fusing the iconic Fire/Flying-type Charizard and the Water-type Blastoise creates a fearsome Fire/Water-type hybrid. This fusion combines Charizard’s powerful Fire-type attacks with Blastoise’s Water-type attacks and high defence, making it a formidable opponent in battle.

Pikachu + Gyarados.

Combining the Electric-type Pikachu and the Water/Flying-type Gyarados creates a unique Electric/Water-type hybrid. This fusion combines Pikachu’s speed and agility with Gyarados’ high attack and defence, making it a well-rounded and robust combination.

Mewtwo + Arceus

The fusion of the legendary Psychic-type Mewtwo and the god-like Normal-type Arceus gives birth to a compelling Psychic/Normal-type hybrid. This fusion combines Mewtwo’s incredible psychic abilities with Arceus’ unparalleled strength and versatility, making it one of the strongest fusions in the game.

Dragonite + Salamence

When you fuse the Dragon/Flying-type Dragonite and the Dragon/Flying-type Salamence, an intimidating Dragon/Flying-type hybrid is born. With this fusion, you can get Dragonite’s high defence with Salamence’s high attack to threaten every opponent.

Gardevoir + Gengar

A unique Psychic/Ghost-type chimaera is produced when the Psychic/Fairy-type Gardevoir and the Ghost/Poison-type Gengar combine. This hybrid creates a fascinating and formidable foe by combining the psychic powers and elegant appearance of Gardevoir with the unsettling ghostly abilities of Gengar.

Lapras + Venusaur

Fusing the Water/Ice-type Lapras and the Grass/Poison-type Venusaur creates a unique Water/Grass-type hybrid. This fusion combines Lapras’ high defence and water-based attacks with Venusaur’s powerful grass-based attacks and status-inflicting moves.

Charmander + Squirtle

An adorable and potent Fire/Water type hybrid is produced when the Fire-type Charmander and the Water-type Squirtle combine. This fusion creates a well-rounded and potent combination by fusing Squirtle’s strong defence and water-based attacks with Charmander’s fiery personality.

Jigglypuff + Pikachu

A cute Normal/Electric-type mix is produced when the Normal/Fairy-type Jigglypuff and the Electric-type Pikachu combine. This fusion is entertaining and distinctive because it blends Jigglypuff’s sweetness and calming singing voice with Pikachu’s quickness and agility.

Pidgey + Rattata

Fusing the Normal/Flying-type Pidgey and the Normal-type Rattata gives birth to a small but powerful Normal/Flying-type hybrid. This fusion combines Pidgey’s flying abilities and high speed with Rattata’s sharp teeth and high attack.

Lapras + Charizard

Fusing the Water/Ice-type Lapras and the Fire/Flying-type Charizard makes a unique Water/Fire-type hybrid. This fusion combines Lapras’ water-based attacks and high defence with Charizard’s fiery attacks and dragon-like appearance, making it a well-rounded and powerful combination.

Golem + Steelix

The fusion of the Rock/Ground-type Golem and the Steel/Ground-type Steelix will get you a powerful Rock/Steel-type hybrid. With this fusion, you will get Golem’s high defence with Steelix’s steel-based attacks.

Salamence + Charizard

Dragon and fire-flying fusion are always exciting. With The fusion of the Dragon/Flying-type Salamence and the Fire/Flying-type Charizard, you get a robust Dragon/Fire-type hybrid. This fusion combines Salamence’s dragon-based attacks with Charizard’s fire-based attacks, making it a versatile and beast combination.

Suicune + Lapras

Fusing the Water-type Suicune and the Water/Ice-type Lapras will create a unique Water/Ice-type hybrid. This fusion will have Suicune’s gracefulness with Lapras’s icy powers, thus making this an adorable yet powerful species.

Gyarados + Dragonite

A fearsome Water/Dragon-type combination is produced by the union of the Water/Flying-type Gyarados and the Dragon/Flying-type Dragonite. Gyarados’ high attack and Dragonites’ high protection are combined in this fusion to create a powerful foe in combat.

Eevee + Pikachu

An adorable and potent Normal/Electric hybrid is produced when the Normal-type Eevee and the Electric-type Pikachu are combined. It is a flexible and potent hybrid thanks to the fusion of Eevee’s adaptability and Pikachu’s speed and agility.

Ninetales + Vaporeon

The union of the Fire-type Ninetales and the Water-type Vaporeon produces a unique Fire/Water type combination. This fusion creates a flexible and potent hybrid by fusing the water- and fire-based attacks of Vaporeon and Ninetales.

Golem + Machamp

A potent Rock/Fighting-type combination is produced when the Fighting-type Machamp and the Rock/Ground-type Golem combine. Thanks to this fusion, its high attack and high protection make it a formidable foe in combat.

Snorlax + Wigglytuff

An adorable and potent Normal/Fairy hybrid results from the union of the Normal-type Snorlax and the Normal/Fairy Wigglytuff. This fusion creates a flexible and powerful combination by fusing the high defence of Snorlax with the calming singing voice of Wigglytuff.

Alakazam + Gengar

A special Psychic/Ghost combination is produced when the psychic-type Alakazam and the ghost/poison-type Gengar combine. Thanks to this fusion, it is a fascinating and powerful foe that combines Gengar’s ghostly skills with Alakazam’s psychic abilities.

Typhlosion + Blastoise

The union of the Fire-type Typhlosion and the Water-type Blastoise produces a potent Fire/Water type combination. This fusion creates a balanced and potent hybrid by fusing the water- and fire-based abilities of Blastoise and Typhlosion.

Ditto + Mew

Combining the Normal-type Ditto and the legendary Psychic-type Mew creates a unique Normal/Psychic-type hybrid. This fusion combines Ditto’s ability to transform with Mew’s psychic abilities, making it a formidable opponent.

Nidoking + Golem

The fusion of the Poison/Ground-type Nidoking and the Rock/Ground-type Golem creates a powerful Poison/Rock-type hybrid. This fusion combines Nidoking’s high attack with Golem’s increased defence.

Gyarados + Tyranitar

A potent Water/Dark combination is produced when the Rock/Dark Tyranitar and the Water/Flying Gyarados combine. Gyarados’ strong attack and Tyranitar’s high defence are fused in this fusion.

Blaziken + Lucario

You get a Fire/Steel-type combination by the fusion of the Fire/Fighting-type Blaziken and the Fighting/Steel-type Lucario. This fusion creates a versatile and potent hybrid by fusing the steel- and fire-based abilities of Lucario and Blaziken.

Charizard + Dragonite

Fusion between the Fire/Flying-type Charizard and the Dragon/Flying-type Dragonite creates a robust Fire/Dragon-type hybrid. This fusion combines Charizard’s fire-based attacks with Dragonite’s dragon-based attacks.

Mewtwo + Lugia

The fusion of the Psychic-type Mewtwo and the Psychic/Flying-type Lugia creates a unique Psychic/Flying-type hybrid. This fusion combines Mewtwo’s psychic powers with Lugia’s flying abilities, making it an exciting and formidable opponent.

Kangaskhan + Rhyperior

Fusing the Normal-type Kangaskhan and the Rock/Ground-type Rhyperior creates a powerful Normal/Rock-type hybrid. This fusion combines Kangaskhan’s high attack with Rhyperior’s high defence, making it a formidable opponent in battle.

Gengar + Alakazam

The fusion of the Ghost/Poison-type Gengar and the Psychic-type Alakazam creates a powerful Ghost/Psychic-type hybrid. This fusion combines Gengar’s mysterious powers with Alakazam’s psychic abilities.

Blastoise + Swampert

Fusing the Water-type Blastoise and the Water/Ground-type Swampert makes a powerful Water/Ground-type hybrid. This fusion combines Blastoise’s water-based attacks with Swampert’s ground-based attacks, making it a well-rounded and powerful hybrid.

How To Install Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an engaging and famous Pokemon series game. It features all the cartoon and real-time game characteristics. The fusion feature makes it unique because a player gets unlimited chances to create the desired Pokemon. Undoubtedly, it’s exciting, keeps your mind fresh, and boosts your energy after a hectic routine. However, How to install Pokemon Infinite Fusion is still confusing for many.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion installation is straightforward only if you land on an authentic web page like our blog. Here we have covered everything regarding installation, downloading, emulators for PC, and everything necessary for you to learn. Let’s begin!

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Can you fuse legendary Pokemon together?

Yes, with the Pokemon Infinite fusion calculator, the possibilities are endless. You can fuse any legendary Pokemon you want. The results will be much more powerful species than both of those legendary Pokemon.

Can you use the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator on mobile devices?

Yes, the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator interface is designed so that you can easily use it on your Android or Ios devices.

Is there a limit to how many times you can fuse the same Pokemon?

No, there is no limit to fusing Pokemon. You can try multiple combinations and play around with different matchup types to yield powerful species.

Can you fuse more than two Pokemon together using the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

Using the Pokemon fusion generator, you cannot fuse more than two Pokemon together. However, you can combine the resulting hybrid with another Pokemon to make something more great and powerful.

Can you add custom images or designs to your Pokemon fusions using the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

No! Though the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator provides different customization options, including moves and stats customization but it does not allow custom addition of images or designs.

Where do I download Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Our authentic website provides all the old and new versions of Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Moreover, we always provide the most latest version of the app to our users.

Is Pokemon Infinite Fusion safe for devices?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and does not harm the device. We have installed and tested it on different devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows PC). It does not create any problems. Therefore, install it without worries.

Wrapping Up

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator is a perfect Pokemon cooking pot that fuses two Pokemon to make a great recipe of hybrid, rare and powerful Pokemon species. The calculation is relatively easy to use and is mobile-friendly.

Talking about the working process then it’s a breeze. All you need to do is put in the primary Pokemon, then secondary, pick the fusion type, do a little bit of customization if you want and boom! Press the fuse button.

Above, we have written all you need to know about this calculator. So if you want to see the infinite calculus working process or preview some of the lethal and hottest Pokemon combinations, just scroll above.

The infinite calculator provides endless possibilities for creating unique Pokemon. It’s completely free and fun to use. Want to test the capability of this calculator? Try it now.