Ultimate Battle: Charmander vs Squirtle vs Bulbasaur

Which starter Pokemon can I choose at the start of a Pokemon game? There are some starter Pokémon from which you can select at the start of the Pokémon games, including 

  • Fire Red, 
  • Charmander, 
  • Squirtle, And 
  • Bulbasaur. 
Base Stats
– HP394445
– Attack524849
– Defense436549
– Sp. Attack605065
– Sp. Defense506465
– Speed654345
AbilitiesBlaze, Solar Power (Hidden)Torrent, Rain Dish (Hidden)Overgrow, Chlorophyll (Hidden)
Evolution LineCharmander -> Charmeleon -> CharizardSquirtle -> Wartortle -> BlastoiseBulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venusaur
Notable MovesEmber, Flamethrower, Fire SpinWater Gun, Bubble, Aqua TailVine Whip, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam

Your favorite playstyle and tastes will decide which one is best for you because each of them has unique benefits and problems. 

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Even after several evolutions, Bulbasaur still has equal stats. Bulbasaur has an advantage over one-third of the Pokemon because it is both a Grass and a Poison Type. The primary goals of Charmander’s attack, special attack, and speed described are to maximize damage.  

Squirtle’s stats throughout both evolutions are strong on the defensive side because it is a pure Fire Type. Lower Attack and Special Attack stats than Charmander and Bulbasaur, being Squirtle, are only affected by two types because it is a Water Type.

Ultimate Battle: Charmander vs Squirtle vs Bulbasaur!

Charmander Vs Squirtle Vs Bulbasaur

Let’s Look deeper to differentiate these 3 Pokemon Forms;


This turtle will engage you in a physical battle. He has a natural advantage over the first gym leader you’ll encounter because, yes, he’s a water type. This is a reasonable decision in terms of gaming. More important than its fighting skills, however, is that you can use this Pokémon to egg the gym leader’s house if you lose. 

This Pokémon will be with you on your journey to the Pokémon League and help you battle the Top 4, but if you’d prefer to lose, he has a bottle of 40-proof malt whiskey and a bag of Chips hidden away within his shell. “Squirtle’s shell serves more purposes than just defense. The rounded shape of the shell and the edges on its surface reduce water resistance, allowing the Pokemon to swim quickly.

  • Strengths

Protection. Will be at risk of incoming attacks less.

  • Weakness

 Due to weaker attack stats, it will cause less damage.



As a Fire-type Pokémon, Charmander is a wise choice if you enjoy playing jump shooting. Its high Attack and Special Attack numbers make it difficult to train in some areas of the game, but it is at risk from water, ground, and Rock-type moves. 

Among the three “starter” Pokémon that can be chosen at the beginning of Pokémon Red, Blue, and their remakes, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, is Charmander. Ash gets a Charmander early on in the cartoons, and it ends up becoming one of his most-used Pokémon. 

It’s said that the flame that Charmander has at birth represents the vital force of the Pokemon. If a Charmander’s flame burns out, it will die. Its feelings appear by the flame that fires at the tip of its tail. When Charmander is happy, the flame swings. The flame burns strongly if the Pokémon gets angry.

  • Strengths

Offense. Being able to attack first in fighting. Greater attack = greater damage.

  • Weaknesses

 Due to lower defensive stats, will take more damage.



If you like a balanced gaming experience, Bulbasaur is a fantastic option because it is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon. It is effective against Water and Ground-type Pokémon, which are popular rivals in the early stages of the game. 

It is, however, exposed to attacks of the Flying, Psychic, and Fire categories. Bulbasaur, a starter Pokemon, qualifies as being the most peaceful. They take pleasure in relaxing and soaking up the sun. Even though they can be a little lazy, they are very energetic and show their loyalty in disagreements. 

They frequently visit grassy places and prefer not to stay in crowds. There is a list of Pokemon that Bulbasaur struggles to lose. Bulbasaur is small, low reptile and plant Pokemon from the Pokemon series. They have light blue-green bodies with deeper blue-green patches, and they can move on all four legs.   

  • Strengths

The Balanced

  • Weaknesses

The weak point of Bulbasaur to Fire-type attacks is one of its primary flaws.



Is A Bulbasaur Rare?

Bulbasaur is a unique and polite Pokémon who has been in charge since birth.

Is Squirtle the most powerful starter?

Squirtle’s attacks will be extremely effective against rivals in the first gym and those that are on the Mt. Moon trek, and it does have the highest starting defense.

What is Charmander’s personality?

The most polite and well-behaved member of its evolution line is Charmander. The flame at the end of its tail can read its thoughts and feelings.

Ultimate Battle: Charmander vs Squirtle vs Bulbasaur!


Any Pokemon fan would benefit from having these antique Pokemon. You will need to get them in one of their earlier forms. They are strong and you can utilize *Mega Evolutions* against them in the game. Always developing with balanced numbers, Bulbasaur may be the safer, more sensible option for a trainer who is less avoiding risks. 

Squirtle is possibly the choice of a trainer who thinks safety is always better than attack. Charmander is the best choice for a trainer who loves stronger battles and is willing to take more damage.

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