Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mac: Can You Play It On Mac?

Looking to play Pokémon Infinite Fusion on your Mac? This fan-made game lets you combine different Pokémon to create unique hybrids, and it’s super popular among Pokémon fans. 

But here’s the catch: the game was initially designed for Windows, leaving Mac users out of the loop. 

So, isn’t there a Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mac? Nope, there aren’t any. So, does it mean you can’t play it on a Mac? You surely can if you read this article all the way through to the end.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mac: Can You Play It On Mac?

Is It Possible To Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion On Mac?

As I’ve told you already, the Pokemon Infinite Fusion game isn’t developed to be played on Mac but only on Windows. 

So, it means you can’t directly play the game on Mac as it’s not made for it. However, some workaround methods can help you play the game on your Mac. Let’s talk about them now, one by one.

Using Virtualisation Software:

Virtualization software allows you to install the Windows operating system on your Mac so that you can play Pokemon Infinite Fusion. 

Parallel and Boot the Camp Assistant are the two most popular virtualization software available today. You can download either of them.

  • Choose and install virtual machine software like Parallel or The Boot Camp Assistant.
  • Get a Windows operating system installation disk or an ISO file. You can purchase a Windows license or use a trial version.
  • Open your virtual machine software and follow the instructions to set up a new virtual machine. This involves creating a virtual hard drive and allocating system resources.
  • Select the Windows installation disk or ISO file as the installation source during the setup process.
  • Start the virtual machine and proceed with the Windows installation. Just like setting up a new computer, you’ll go through the typical installation steps.
  • Once Windows is installed in your virtual machine, download and install Pokémon Infinite Fusion just like you would on a regular Windows computer.
  • Launch the game within the virtual machine, and voila! You’re now ready to fuse Pokémon to your heart’s content.
Is It Possible To Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion, On Mac?

Through Wineskin Server: 

Wineskin Server is a tool that allows you to run Windows applications on your Mac without the need for a full virtual machine or Windows installation. It creates a custom environment, known as a wrapper, that enables Windows programs to function seamlessly within macOS. 

  • Download Wineskin Winery, a tool for creating custom Wine wrappers that let Windows apps run on macOS.
  • Open Wineskin Winery, choose “Create New Blank Wrapper,” and give it a catchy name.
  • Access the wrapper’s package contents, open the “Wineskin” application, and configure settings.
  • In the configuration menu, select “Install Software,” choose the Pokémon Infinite Fusion installer, and follow Windows-like installation steps.
  • Once installed, adjust display settings by going to the Wineskin configuration menu and selecting “Set Screen Options.”
  • Return to the wrapper’s package contents and launch Pokémon Infinite Fusion by double-clicking its application file.
Wineskin Server

 Boot Camp Brilliance:

Another option for Mac users is Boot Camp. With Boot Camp, you can partition your Mac’s hard drive and install Windows as a separate operating system. 

  • Make sure you have a genuine Windows installation disk or ISO file and a valid Windows license.
  • Open the “Utilities” folder on your Mac and launch the “Boot Camp Assistant” application.
  • Follow the prompts to create a Windows partition on your hard drive. This will allocate space specifically for Windows.
  • Insert your Windows installation disk or select the downloaded ISO file when prompted. The assistant will guide you through the Windows installation process.
  • Once Windows is installed, your Mac will restart, and you’ll see the Windows setup screen. Go through the initial Windows setup steps.
  • After Windows is up and running, download and install your favorite web browser on the Windows side. This will allow you to browse the internet and download Pokémon Infinite Fusion.
  • Visit the official Pokémon Infinite Fusion website using the Windows browser and download the game.
  • Install Pokémon Infinite Fusion on your Windows partition, just like you would on a regular Windows PC.
  • Hold down the “Option” key while restarting your Mac to switch between Windows and macOS. Select Windows to boot into your newly created Windows partition.
  • Launch Pokémon Infinite Fusion, and let the fusion frenzy begin!

These are the three easy methods to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Mac. 

Final Words:

Is there a Pokemon Fusion Mac version available? No, there aren’t any. But, by following the three above-discussed methods, you can easily play the game on your Mac. You can comment your questions down below.

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