Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone | How to find?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a unique game that allows players to catch fusions of their favorite Pokemon in a Safari Zone-like environment. This is a fan-made version that combines the concept of Pokemon fusion with the Safari Zone mechanics. 

Moreover, the game is available online and is gaining popularity mainly among Pokemon fans worldwide. We will provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the fusion safari zone to provide you with the most authentic and informative clues about this topic.

How to find Safari zone on pokemon infinite fusion game?
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone

Get about the facts in the section below:

To create an image inspired by the concept of “Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone,” we’ll imagine a vibrant and dynamic scene. In this imaginative setting, various hybrid Pokemon, results of unique fusions, are freely roaming in a lush, expansive safari zone.

This zone is filled with diverse landscapes like forests, rivers, and grasslands, offering a perfect habitat for these unique creatures. Trainers of different descents can be seen exploring, each with a sense of wonder and excitement as they encounter these extraordinary Pokemon. The atmosphere is lively, with the sky painted in the warm hues of sunset, adding a magical touch to the scene.

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The gameplay of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone is similar to the classic Pokemon games. The only addition that has been seen here is Safari Zone aesthetics.

Just like the classical gameplay, the player starts by selecting the gender of the character as well as appearance. In this way, the players choose their starter Pokemon. The starter Pokemon play the most crucial role in the fusion of two different Pokemon. It sets the tone for the rest of the game.

It exists only within the game’s digital environment, accessible through a web browser. With an internet connection, players can access the Safari Zone and catch fusions from anywhere.

How to Catch a Fusion in Safari Zone?

Catching a fusion Pokémon in a Safari Zone, especially in a game like “Pokemon Infinite Fusion” where Pokémon are uniquely combined, involves a mix of strategy, patience, and a bit of luck. Here’s a general guide on how to catch a fusion Pokémon in such a setting:

  1. Preparation: Before entering the Safari Zone, make sure you are well-prepared. This includes having enough Safari Balls and other necessary items like bait and rocks if the game mechanics include them.
  2. Understanding Fusion Pokémon: Fusion Pokémon may have different behaviors and preferences compared to their original forms. It’s beneficial to know the traits of the base Pokémon to predict the behavior of their fused forms.
  3. Locating Fusion Pokémon: Roam around the Safari Zone to find fusion Pokémon. They might inhabit areas similar to their original forms or unique areas due to their fused nature.
  4. Engaging with Fusion Pokémon: Once you encounter a fusion Pokémon, you typically have a few options: throw a Safari Ball, throw bait, throw a rock, or run away. The choice depends on the game’s specific mechanics and the temperament of the Pokémon.
    • Throwing Bait: This might make the Pokémon stay longer, giving you more chances to throw Safari Balls, but it might also make them harder to catch.
    • Throwing a Rock: This could make them easier to catch but might also increase the chances of them running away.
  5. Catching the Pokémon: Try throwing a Safari Ball. The success rate might depend on factors like the Pokémon’s health, status effects (if applicable), and whether you’ve used bait or rocks.
  6. Repeat if Necessary: If the Pokémon doesn’t get caught, you might need to repeat throwing bait, rocks, or Safari Balls. Be mindful of the Pokémon’s behavior after each action.
  7. Be Patient and Persistent: Catching Fusion Pokémon can be challenging. It often requires patience and multiple attempts.
  8. Enjoy the Experience: Remember, the Safari Zone is also about the adventure and the thrill of encountering rare and unique Pokémon. Enjoy the experience, even if some Pokémon manage to get away.

Once the player has their starter Pokemon, they can explore the Safari Zone and catch other fusions. The Safari Zone is divided into several areas, each with unique fusions.

To see a fusion, the player must throw a Safari Ball at it. If the fusion is caught, it becomes part of the player’s team, and they can use it in battles against other trainers.

How to Catch a Fusion in Safari Zone?

Fusion System

The main feature of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone is the fusion system. The game features over 300 fusions, each with unique typing, movesets, and appearance. However, fusions can be created by combining two Pokemon species using Safari Zone mechanics.

Furthermore, players can experiment with combinations to create their ideal fusion, which must be well-balanced, with no overpowered fusions. Each fusion has its strengths and weaknesses, making it essential for players to strategize and create a well-rounded team.

Fusion Safari Zone Graphics

The graphics of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone are impressive for a fan-made game and is very straightforward. The fusions are well-designed, each with a unique appearance that reflects its two-base Pokemon. The Safari Zone areas are also well-equipped accordingly, each with its unique aesthetic.

There are various standout features available in it. One is the battle animations. The battle animations are smooth and fluid, making battles feel more dynamic and exciting. The game also features a day/night cycle, adding to the atmosphere.

Fusion Safari Zone Graphics


The sound design of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone is excellent. The game features a variety of sound effects for catching fusions, battling, and exploring the Safari Zone. The game’s music is also well-designed, with each area’s unique track.

One of the game’s standout features is the use of voice acting. Each fusion has its unique voice, which adds personality to the fusions and makes battles more immersive.


No doubt, Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone is a challenging game. Because the Safari Zone areas are designed to be difficult, with high-level fusions that require strategic planning to catch. The game also features Gym Leaders and Elite Four members, challenging opponents with well-rounded teams.

However, the game’s difficulty is well-balanced. Players can level up their fusions and customize their movesets to make battles easier. Moreover, the game also features a difficulty slider. It allows players to adjust the game’s difficulty to their liking.


Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone has high replayability, as it was said earlier that the game features over 300 fusions. Players can experiment with different combinations in these fusions to create their ideal team, making each playthrough unique.

The New Game Plus mode is very relevant and noteworthy in Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone. Players can start a new game with their previous team and items. This mode adds to the game’s replayability, as players can try different strategies and fusions.

Kanto Safari Zone

Latest Updates

One of the most recent updates to the game was the addition of the Fusion League. This new feature allows players to battle against other trainers in a league format. Players can compete against each other to climb the ranks and become the Fusion League Champions.

The game’s developers have also been working on improving the game’s performance and fixing bugs. This includes optimizing the game’s code to improve load times and stability and addressing any issues that players may encounter while playing the game.

Meanwhile, the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone developers are committed to providing regular updates and improvements to the game to keep players engaged and satisfied with their gaming experience.

Overall, Pokemon Infinite Fusion Safari Zone is an enjoyable game. All the game’s standout features allow players to experiment with different combinations to create their ideal team. The graphics and sound are very selective and bring an adventurous experience for the players.

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