Top 5 Best Pokemon Fusions

If you are new to the concept of Pokemon fusion then: Welcome! To the World of fun. Yes, Pokemon Fusion is fun work that allows its fans/users to fuse two or more Pokemon. 

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It’s been also amusing for the franchise fans to do experiments with their favorite characters and explore the wonderful results! 

In this article, you’ll get a look at some of the most popular Pokemon fusions out there– including those which are made into the official games themselves. Keep in mind that if you are sensible enough to combine a legendary Pokemon with a non-legendary then you can get the majestic results in your creature. But if you are non-professional then just don’t mess up Pokemons

Best Pokemon Fusions

History of Pokemon Fusions:

Pokemon Fusions are the latest trend in Pokemon fandom or Poke-community which excites its fans to combine two or more Pokemons and make a new creature. But it doesn’t work with the already fused creature. If we talk about their existing history then they have been around since at least 2010. The first known fusion was posted by DavianArt by a user Fallen_Angel_of_Darkness in the year 2010. He did a fusion of: 

Pikachu + Charmander =Picharmander. 


Hundreds of fusions have been done by Poke – community or Pokemon fandom because it gives the fans a source of fun to experiment with different creatures and explore aesthetic results. Many of its fans have been inspired by Harry Potter or Star Wars fandom! You can get them on different sites. Some of the most popular sites are Tumblr and DavianArt. Most diverting combinations of Pore-community are:

Pikachu + Bulbasaur = Bulbachu


Squirtle + Charmander = Squirtoise

Squirtoise pokemon new

Eevee + Pikachu =Evapekachu

Pikachu + Charmander

Best Fusions of Pokemon:

The following fusions are very popular and powerful from a gaming perspective but you have to make sure to know how will they effectively work. before getting them into battles.


Blastoise pokemon

This creature comes after combining two water-type Pokemon and results in a powerful fighter against fires but this will must have some drawbacks like slow speed. 


Charizard pokemon

The Combination includes the power of having two Pokemons of fire -fighting abilities. This type of creature has wonderful fighting attacks. But likewise, Blastoise also has drawbacks as it shows weakness against water attacks.

So, if you are going to create a Pokemon always make sure to avoid such drawbacks because these drawbacks don’t give your creature such potential that help them to fight against their competitors.

Best Fusions of Pokemon: Charizard and blastoise

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Return of Pokemon Fusions:

Alex Onsager launched the website “Pokemon Fusion” in 2010 but it hit popularity in year 2013. In 2013 Onsager also shared a blog that reveals exactly ‘how do the Pokemon fusions work?’ 

Other websites took advantage of Onsager’s website but only a few of them was relatively well. The Onsager’s website is still in use and gain much popularity.

 Fans using Pokemon Fusions:

The fandom of Poke-community is increasing periodically. It matters a lot that “why poke-community is returning towards their popularity?”.

 In this article, you can find the answer. So, the reason behind the popularity is not only the fusion feature because you can now animate them and you are able to share them on social media platforms and even use them in your games as well. 

It’s a pleasurable art that provides you the freedom of designing your own creatures and using them in your games or in battles. The power of combining two Pokemons makes your designed creature the strongest one. You can give your creatures unique names and exciting quirks.

Best Fusions of Pokemon: lebra and balbasor

Creating Your Own Pokemon Fusions:

It’s been fun work to create my own type of Pokemon fusion. It’s very easy to make fusion but sometimes it may result in a challenging one. In this article, you can find the easiest way of creating creatures by following the given steps:

  • Choose your base Pokemon. It is important to base your fusion. The move-set of your creature in battle will be dedicated to its being used. For example: if you use Bulbasaur as your base creature then it would probably be using a move-set like Razor Leaf Vine Whip.
  • Give Your Pokemon a name.
  • Give it unique quirks.
  • Next, flesh it out by providing incredible moves.

Pros and Cons of Fusions:


  • You can get the aesthetic creatures of your own choice. You can give your creature many move-sets to use in battles.
  • It’s always entertainment that not only delights but also makes your game more amusing.
  • It attracts more users because of its powerful animation features.
  • Having a good hold on fusions is always not easy.


  • Sometime it may result in hard training.
  • Fusion on already fused creatures will infuse it.
Best Fusions of Pokemon:

Risks of Creating Pokemon Fusions:

You may face some potential dangers while making Pokemon fusions. Some of them are given below:

  • Injury from sharp or heated creatures.
  • Infection from the bacterial mold you’re using. 
  • Chemical burns used infusions.

Useful Tips for Pokemon Fusions:

Best Pokemon fusions are not easy to create. Every user should have:

  • Good knowledge of individual Pokemon
  • Great sense to make powerful creatures.
  • Know about each individual creature’s skill.
  • Made creatures that show wonderful attacks in a battle.
  • Uses the best move-set to work against the competitive creature.
Best Fusions of Pokemon: pikachu and eevee


So, you’ve reached the end of the article. Well done! Hope this article helped you to have enough knowledge about Pokemon fusions and also you may have learned something new. Don’t forget to try creating some new creatures. Pokemon fusions are fantastic art and fun work that gives you the freedom of making your own choice Pokemon with the best move-set against their competitors in battles. 

But you’ll always have to make sure to create creatures sensibly, and not bother yourself to make a perfect one. If the creatures don’t result according to your desires then keep doing experiments but please don’t get panic yourself. Just took this as fun and don’t forget to entertain others by sharing them on social media. Give yourself a pleasurable moment by using them in your games and battles.

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