Pokemon Infinite Fusion Cheats List

Pokemon are not particular species, but the feelings of kids and even adults are combined with them. Pokemon games got famous after Pokemon cartoons. Similarly, Pokemon Infinite Fusion obtained huge popularity with a twist in itself. As the name suggests, any of the two Pokemon (of your choice) fuse with each other and create another one. The game offers more than 176.000 possibilities to create your favorite one.

Furthermore, Pokemon Infinite Fusion cheats help get precious items such as Master balls, Rare Candy Balls, and more. This guide provides all the latest cheats and other details of Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Let’s explore!

What Are Pokemon Infinite Fusion Cheats?

In the game, the players fuse two Pokemon to get a master one with unique abilities, powers, and other characteristics. Infinite Fusion cheats are special codes to perform certain tasks in the game. For example, if you want to add a certain item during a game, you can add the “Add item” cheat code. Similarly, there are several codes.

Remember that many websites claim to provide the latest cheats, but not all are authentic. Don’t worry! We check each code before publishing here to support all the players.

Furthermore, there are two ways to use those cheats; one also provides new cheats to the users. It’s up to you which method works for you the best.

What Are Pokemon Infinite Fusion Cheats?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Latest Cheats 2023

Finding the working cheats is not a piece of cake. We keep our blog updated with the latest cheats in 2023 for Pokemon Infinite Fusion. They are collected from a variety of resources such as their official website, Magic Boots, and Cheat Engine. We publish those codes which work accurately to save time and assist our visitors in true ways. Check out the Cheat list below from the option to add things.

  • Warp to Map
  •  Add item
  • Variables
  • Animation Editor
  • Use PC
  • Debug Console
  • Toggle Running Shoes
  • Heal Party
  • Toggle Pokedex
  • Map Connections
  • Switches
  • Quick Hatch
  • Set Terrain Tags
  • Refresh map
  • Set Player Character
  • Set Badges
  • Set Money
  • Set metadata

Similarly, there are some cheats from the Debug menu of Testing Island. You can perform the following tasks using the cheats:

  • Received a specific Pokemon fusion
  • Add and remove money
  • Make a Pokemon friendly
  • Buy Items
  • Learn and forget moves
  • Fight a specific Pokemon fusion
  • Heal your team
  • Generate a double battle
  • Generate a single battle
  • Create a save backup
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Latest Cheats 2023

Tools To Cheat In Pokemon Infinite Fusion

The game allows players to fuse two different Pokemons and create a desired one with boosted powers. There might be thousands of combinations that can be made. It’s also a question of how to use those cheats in the game. There are following two methods to cheat:

Note: Learn the methods of how to use these tools effectively. Another important thing is to take a backup of your progress in the game before applying the cheats. These cheats will provide several awards, gifts, and game items.

Tools To Cheat In Pokemon Infinite Fusion

How To Cheat In Pokemon Infinite Fusion With Magic Boots?

It’s necessary to unlock the Debug menu before applying the cheats, and Magic Boots help us at this point. It allows users to add, party, give, and perform different tasks in the game. Here are the steps to get them:

  • Play the classic mode and get all the 352 Pokemon.
  • Go to Celadon City, visit the developers, and you will receive a reward for Magic Boots there.
  • Get it and press the F9 button. It will open the Debug Menu and back up all files to protect your progress.
  • Access the Testing Island from the Debug menu. Here numerous actions can be performed by NPSs, such as adding items, creating a single battle, making a double battle, and more.
  • Select the action or add the cheat and enjoy.
How To Cheat In Pokemon Infinite Fusion With Magic Boots?

How To Cheat In Pokemon Infinite Fusion With Cheat Engine?

Cheat Engine might be your primary choice if you like to use third-party software for any reason. Read the instructions below:

  • Visit the official website of Cheat Engine. Download and install it following the instructions given.
  • Launch the Pokemon Infusion game and run the Cheat Engine along with it.
  • Go to the top-left menu and click on the small monitor icon. Here you will find the Cheat Engine option. Click on it, and it will take you to the processes list of personal computers.
  • The software will automatically start reading your information.
  • Now change the coding info as you want, and use different cheats to get desired output.

Important: We recommend reading about the Cheat Engine before using it. Have some practice so that you can generate the desired output. It’s good to watch some tutorials to use it effectively.


How do I enable debug mode in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Visit Celadon city and obtain the Magic Boots reward. Press the F9 button to access the special menu. After that, it enables several boot and developer options for applying cheats.

Can you triple-fuse Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Yes, the game allows triple fusion, but only when you reach the late post-game. You get it after finishing Mt. Silver, and bringing three Unova Legendaries to Colress at the Rage is important.


Now it’s time to play with your own style with Pokemon Infinite Fusion Cheats. Different values depend on using different cheats and fusing two Pokemon. We recommend you use all the codes individually to know their output to pick the right one when you need it during gameplay.

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