All Best Pokemon Infinite Fusion Custom Sprites

Looking for unique Pokemon Infinite Fusion Custom Sprites? Explore the world of custom sprite creation with the help of online communities and websites like DeviantArt and Reddit. Connect with other fans and artists to find or create the perfect custom sprites for your favorite Pokemon, and bring your Infinite Fusion gameplay to the next level.

Schrroms develops the Pokemon Infinite Fusion as the best game on the internet. However, this fan game is entirely designed and accessible to play. The developing community is still working on it and providing the latest updates. Likewise, Custom Sprites are established on Discord and Reddit by the Pokémon community.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion

The fusion game has re-introduced the DNA splicers. The latest version (5.1) has brought white and black diversified splicers. Thus, you can play anytime, anywhere, and create your desired monsters. In this regard, utilize the official body parts or combine your preferred two Pokémons together. Meanwhile, the fusion is brought by the game’s Pokemon Fusion Generators. Hence, the resulting body will become the full-fledged ideal Pokemon.

Fortunately, our developers have provided more than 176,400 distinctive combinations for gamers. The latest version is prolific for those who want to combine their beloved Pokémons.

Get all Sprites here: Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator

Features of Pokémon Infinite Fusion

  • Every Pokémon can fuse with any other one and have unique characters. So, every combination occupies the excellent sprite, Pokedex entry, Movepool, stats, and whatever the gamers expect from the Pokemon.
  • You are proficient in building a truly unique team for your playthrough. As 176,400+ combinations are possible, they allow you to create the ideal Pokemons. This aspect promotes your creativity as well. 
  • The Pokemon community handcrafts more than 20,000 Custom Sprites.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Custom Sprites

The Pokémon Infinite developers team creates these on Reddit and Discord. You are able to install all the sprite packs from here and then extract them. Likewise, the extracted files will be revealed in the specific folder “CustomBattlers” of your gaming directory. It looks like (\infiniteFusio\graphics\CustomBattlers). 

If you want to check all updated custom sprites, you must get all the sprites packs. Although, when you create the whole game or download it contains some specific groups of sprites. Not all sprites are used to make gameplay. As you learn that Pokemons of desired characters are combined in the same way desired sprites are connected and create a new game. The latest version of Pokemon Infinite Fusion comprises up to 50 sprite packs. 

How can you make custom Pokémon sprites?

There is various brilliant idea for making custom sprites. If you’re a beginner here and can never know how to make them, there is a variety of official sprites. You may pick up the major body parts and further accessible components. Combine all chunks together and make a new sort of Frankenstein’s monster. Apply the same procedure for creating the overworlds and battlers. Moreover, developers can utilize it for fakemons.  

How can you customize sprites?

Sometimes, you are unable to find your desired sprites from the library. You’re able to create your features. You can search the characters that are closely related to your desired ones. There are various such characters; take the sprites that are similar to yours. Then alter it as you want in the “Costumes” tab. This tab allows you to change the sprite’s character. Though add or remove the features and even change the sprite colour.

Features of Pokémon Custom Sprites 

  • Custom sprites contain numerous animations
  • New battle and fight facilities
  • Advanced battle mechanics
  • Generations 5 to 7 are involved now
  • The performance of custom sprites is improved.       

Name Convention

Some experts want to add their custom sprites with ideal characters. They face the glitch of white background after applying their sprites. We have analyzed the problem, as you must create the sprite with a .png file string. 

The custom sprites’ names are made as “(Head Pokemon Dex #). (Body Pokemon Dex #).png”. Once you want to make the fusion of Pinsir and Exeggcute sprites, the name is taken as “102.127.png”.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Custom Sprites have mentioned the specific numbers to each generation +3. However, their Pokédex specific ID numbers are changed. 

The Pokédex games are composed of Pokemon from the first 2 generations and following 169 from 3-7 generations. These are the additional numbers for Pokemon and are more beneficial to gamers. They have a massive set of numbers now, which are different from official Pokédex numbers. Therefore now a fusion of two Pokémon as existing in Pokédex, the entire entries would be up to 175,980 Pokédex.


  • Custom Sprites are fantastic 
  • Gamers can gain their own custom sprites
  • Probably increase the revenue
  • Excellent Pokédex combinations


  • Various expert gamers take advantage of the open library and profit heavily from other non-professional game fans.
  • Every gamer is not an expert artist.

However, custom sprites have paved the pathway for gamers, and they can easily customize and add the sprites. A variety of Pokédex is accessible to experts. Most gamers utilize the sprites combinations, prepare the Pokémon and deliver them to other gamers. 

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