How To Get Cut In Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an interesting game with a lot of fun and missions. Each mission has different things and a player encounters bushes and trees while playing. In actuality, the bushes and trees are obstacles and stop your path.

However, the game offers another counter feature to get rid of these hurdles in your way. An HM01 Cut move can eliminate all the small trees and bushes and enable you to move smoothly. But how to get Cut in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

The Cut is available with HM01 in the Celanto Town Gym. You need to fight against the gym leader and get Cut in Pokemon Infinite Fusion after getting the better of the gym leader. Do you still need clarification about the procedure? This guide will cover the procedure for getting Cut in Pokemon Infinite Fusion and other necessary details!

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What Is Cut In Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game?

The game is very tremendous and brings several features to get more excitement. “Cut” in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a term to eliminate the hurdles while passing through the bushes and trees. In actuality, these bushes and trees are hurdles that block the player’s path and reverse the progress.

A player needs an HM01 move to get rid of this problem and progress smoothly further in the game. Before this, defeating a gym leader is necessary by passing through a certain voyage. Another important requirement is a specific Pokemon. A Pokemon who knows the party and requirements for the Cut.

Furthermore, the Cut features allow the player to get into new areas and discover them. Enjoy several hidden items, get an advanced journey eliminating the bushes or trees, and enjoy more.

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What Is Cut In Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game?

Simple Steps To Get Cut In Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Getting Cut in the game is easy, but fulfilling all the requirements is necessary. The primary requirement is to triumph against the gym instructor. Check out the simple steps below to get Cut and play the game smoothly.

  • Step 1: Go To Gym: First, you will need to join the gym. The purpose is to get the gym batch.
  • Step 2: Get a Gym Badge: After joining the gym, participate there and get the first gym badge. Make sure to join a gym at a specified location as “Rustboro City.”
  • Step 3: Defeat The Gym Leader: Give proper time to the gym and make sure to have enough power to fight against the gym leader. You can proceed to get cut in the game after defeating the gym leader.
  • Step 4: Navigate To Petalburg Woods: Go to the Petalburg Woods on the North side of Rustboro City. Different people try to block your way while heading toward the location. This way, you will get the gym badge finally.
  • Step 5: Get Cut HM: Pass through the Petalburg wood and forest. Find out the HM, as getting Cut in the game is crucial. It is usually found in the northeast direction in the forest near a small pond. After defeating the gym leader, you will be asked to solve a puzzle to get HM.
  • Step 6: Train A Pokemon: After that, choose a Pokemon you think is the best according to your requirements. The aim is to teach the Pokemon the Cut so you can cut the trees and bushes in the game to pass smoothly.
  • Step 7: Use Cut and Enjoy: Congratulations, you have gotten the Cut in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, and the selection of Pokemon has been completed. It’s time to use the Cut in the game and enjoy smooth passing cutting down the trees and bushes.
Simple Steps To Get Cut In Pokemon Infinite Fusion

More About Cut In Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Remember that there is only one type of Cut in the game, known as the normal-type move. Regarding eliminating power, it has a base power of 50 and cuts down things with approximately 95% accuracy. Using it in the Pokemon battle, there are chances of flinch flipping the opponent’s turn.

Besides the battle, it cut down all the bushes and small trees that caused blockage of the passage. It allows you to access new areas, pass through the way easily, and it is very important to progress in the game.

Ultimately, it’s also necessary to choose a reliable Pokemon to benefit from it up to a peak. Teach the Pokemon in the right way to get the maximum results.


In conclusion, the Cut in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is crucial in making progress. Getting it is straightforward only if you follow the steps mentioned above. First, get the gym badge, defeat the gym instruction, go to the required location, obtain HM, and you are ready to use Cut in the game. We hope you will find this guide helpful in getting HM and Cut in the game. Enjoy!

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