How to Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion has become increasingly popular and is bringing TikTok by storm. There are plenty of viral videos of Pokemon displaying incredible combinations. Meanwhile, this novel game has wondered users about how to play this full-fledged game of Pokemon fusion. 

GamePokemon Infinite Fusion
Release year2015
Original VersionRPG Maker XP

Create here: Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator

How to Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Play

However, we’re back to PokeCommunity and exhibiting the great gaming world. For your best playing experience, we have provided the official link to download this gameplay. After finding the download link, choose Joiplay (a third-party app), which allows Pokemon to play on Android and other devices. This application works as a boot to operate your device. 

Let’s confirm your device is connected to strong Internet and tap the download button. After carefully downloading the App, install and continue playing your game.

Playing your preferred Pokemon Infinite Fusion by GBA emulator. Thus, after successfully installing this Emulator, you must undergo these steps:

  • Install the ROM file of Pokemon Infinite.
  • Enable and open the GBA software on your Mobile.
  • Choose your File from the Emulator’s menu. 
  • Locate your game ROM file. 
  • Press the ROM file and allows it to load
  • Play your game by selecting “new game” from Menu. 
  • Create your unique set of Pokemon.  

Therefore, gamers must remind that Pokemon Fusion is a fan-made game that isn’t officially recommended. It has brought multiple playing mechanics (Reddit features) compared to the Official game. You must install the ROMs from reputable sources and protect your Mobile from risks.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Play

How can you play the Pokemon-Infinite Fusion game on Android?

Players can play this game on Android hand devices:

  • Download the Joiplay (& RPG Maker Plugin) from the official link. These are vital for playing and launching the game.
  • Sometimes you’re unable to play the game by using it. Then must go for the Crosswalk Plugin.
  • Install the game Pokemon Infinite Fusion after the extraction from the Zip file.
  • Open the Joiplay and tap on the + button. There you can watch the empty selection option under your executable File. 
  • Select your File with game.exe.
  • The game will boot up on your Android phone.
  • Play your Pokemon Infinite Fusion
  • Please select your desired Pokemon and let them combine.

The gameplay is quite easy and exciting for you if you have information about Pokemon’s best features. We are offering the combining software as well. So, you can make your desired Pokemon on your Android mobiles now.  

How can you play the Pokemon-Infinite Fusion game on Android?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Play on iOS

The Pokemon Infinite game is played on handsets. You may face difficulty while playing the game on your iPhone. In this regard, you must utilize this application by jailbreaking; that’s officially not recommended.

This fan-made game is designed with RPG Maker. Though, the gameplay allows the gamers to go through both the Kanto and the Johto regions. Let you catch the Pokemon, and you can also pick the area from the advanced regions. Then fuse and produce the brand new Pokemon with unique sprites. 

In the updated version of Pokemon, Nintendo looks perfect for playing the game on iPhone:

  • Go to Emuland and press the iOS Nintendo.
  • Then select the GBA or DS.
  • Click on their player option.
  • Please tap on the “Get It” button.
  • Then share and add to the home screen of the iPhone.
  • Click on DS or GBA 
  • Click on choose file.
  • Select your file with .nds format for DN or .gba format for GBA.
  • Play your Pokemon and customize the settings.
  • Save the desired features for the game, allow the backup, and click OK.
  • Save whole playing settings. 
  • Restore your iOS
  • Choose the saved file or reload it, and then prepare your Pokemon.
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Play on iOS

Can I play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Mac?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion game is perfectly playable on Mac/PC by PokeCommunity. So you can easily play your game. 

You can also play this game with Windows Emulator/Virtual Machine or WINE. While the emulators help play the game, but as much not officially supportive. When you get the Gameplay, don’t overwrite the whole folder. If you repeat your setting characters, you will lose the battlers folder. So you may crash at your first war. Thus, you need to follow the playing steps consciously. 

  • Firstly, install the Wineskin-Winery on your PC
  • Click on the plus side of the winery.
  • Install this supportive engine (WS11WineCX64Bit21.1.0)
  • Create an entirely new wrapper and an installed Infinite Fusion folder file.
  • Select the .exe file folder (Pokemon Infinite Fusion.exe)
  • After double tape on the wine wrapper, and you can play your game on your PC.
Can I play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Mac?

How can to fix your Pokemon Infinite Fusion if it’s not working?

Once your game is crashed due to any complicated battle gameplay. You need to improve your game. 

  • The best option is to contact Pokémon Centers and then click on Fix the game. It’s like restarting your Mac.
  • When you’ve seen the glitches take a screenshot and paste it on the Tech-support system in Fusion Discord. 
  • Open the control panel and then click on the Data Execution Prevention option. Then go inside the game.exe and on the Apply button. Your whole game is started.
  • Once close the windows, that step will improve the Gameplay on your PC.
  • Thus, redownload your game on Windows.

Unique steps of Gameplay

  • Fusing and defusing the game’s features. 
  • There is a variety of Pokemon: Pokémon from 1 and 2 generations, and 101 total Pokémon from 3 to 7 gen. 
  • Rich, adventurous Rigions and characters: More than 40 sidequests, 16 Gym Leaders
  • Legendary Pokemon: More than 25 Legendary Pokémon.
  • Battles: Battle mechanics in 7 generations of the game.
  • NPCs and trades: These NPCs become stronger every time and provide replayability.

Game Modes

There are three modes of gameplay:

Classic Mode: Original gaming experience.

Random Mode: Randomized games like gym types, trainers, Global mapping, starters, Pokémon stats, wild Pokémon, and many more.

Reverse Mode: Specific Game mode which allows the flipping fusion to trainers. 

How can to fix your Pokemon Infinite Fusion if it’s not working?

Final Thoughts

Pokémon Infinite Fusion game is played by several helping software. The whole playing experience is faster and unique. The interface is quite relaxing and very convenient. Moreover, you’ve various fusion sprites that can assist you in playing the game. This game is playable on Android, iPhone, and PC and is accessible for dozens of hours. 



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