Pokemon Infinite Fusion Pokedex: Endless Combinations

Pokemon Infinite Fusion’s Pokedex comprises all the Pokemon. These are included from the first and second generations and then from the third to seventh (169 Pokemon) generations. Moreover, these additional Pokedex have specific numbers for each Pokemon, which are different from their official numbers. 

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Pokedex

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Pokedex

Pokemon Fusions are usually based on a generator that can boost up the fusion process. The whole process ends up creating incredible combinations. Suppose combining the two Pokemon results in many Pokedex that can be more than 175,980 Pokédex entries. Some of them are cool, hot, cursed, or a bit in between. These Pokedex have brought an incredible trend in TikTok. 

Various TikTokers have utilized the Pokemon Infinite Fusion generator strategy to expose their merger technology. It meets with diversified Pokedex entries, move pools, stats, and others instead of just spliced parts. Based on such fusions, there is an additional world of Pokédex. Just imagine one Pokemon gamer has created the Pokedex with about 1 – 16,200 entries. Once you combine the two Pokemon into a fusion. The resultant is the regular form of Pokemon with its own Pokédex entries, movesets, and stats. 

Full pokedex for my hack, Pokemon Ultimate Fusion
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TOP-10 Pokedex Entries

Pokedex entries are short encyclopedia summaries for all Pokemon fans. These entries bring a close view of amazing abilities to gaming friends. Each entry has a specific attractiveness. Do you imagine Raichu getting annoyed in the presence of huge electricity in the body? Haunter Pokemon will drain by liking you, and these are dreadful to you because they can lead you to death. Likewise, Chikorita loves to stay in sunbathe as well. 

However, many of these Pokedex entries are harmful and dark for you. These entries can turn your favorite cool, innocent Pokemon into horrible nightmare fuel. We’ve brought the uppermost Spooky Pokedex Entries for you.

Scariest Pokédex Entry

  • Gengar – Pokemon Moon and Sun
  • Hattrem – Pokemon Sword
  • Cacturne – Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby
  • Phantump – Pokemon Moon and Sun 
  • Gorebyss – Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Drifloon – Pokemon Moon and Sun 
  • Froslass – Pokemon Moon and Sun
  • Parasect – Pokemon Yellow
  • Gourgeist – Pokemon Y
  • Houndoom – Pokemon Gold

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Gengar – Pokemon Moon and Sun

Gengar is the fairest game, as we’ve talked about Haunter at first. Well, Gengar’s entry wants a friend to go on a meaningful walk. Here is only a long walk together, that’s why it seems boring for some fans. You don’t need to bother because once you start OKCupid, these Pokemon finish everything around, kill everyone and leave no chance to survive again. 

Is this Pokemon not so creepy (and also a bit baffling)? It comes out of whole creation and out of killing the community. However, it will lead you to enjoy your life out of boredom. Remember the fact that, on account of our Pokedex entries, Gengar was a human before.

This Pokedex has created a few confusions that we’re resolving in questions.

  • Gengar isn’t a complicated ghost?

This Pokemon is only a tranquil ghost, not complicated.

  • Suppose I was dead. Would I return to this Pokemon? Do I need to start up again like a Gastly first and evolve again into a hard Pokemon?

You have to such your long life, fulfill requirements and boot to the next level Gastly. You can create more confusion in your surroundings and not work on them further. Because they are already confused, and you can catch them feasibly. 

Now 10, year Pokemon are legally capable of owning Houndoom in this world.

Hattrem – Pokemon Sword

Are you having a rough day? This Pokemon provides the power to beat your death over rancid vibes, and you’ll feel better. Hence, no more extraordinary character can entertain you. So if you want to go for these Pokemon, you’ll not get the negative emotion. So you can try the boring-ass vanilla bean instead of these Pokedex because you may die, or these can make your life imaginable.

Cacturne – Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby

Once you are going through the desert areas at night and suddenly, an amazing thing attracts you more. That animated cacti bunch is coming behind you like it’s following you. Definitely, this bunch is not your companion. According to the nighttime and cacti acts, we can say these are 100% hunting ones. The better approach is to secure yourself. In this regard start running and going so far from the cacti group. They will try to keep pace. As there is no dry land and you can’t run swiftly. Though, then bunch can easily hit you with their sting of Poison. The Poison causes an effect, and you will fall. They will come around you. 

Do you know what can happen to you if more such Pokemon surround you? We never decide to eliminate the traveler Pokedex. That’s why you can assume that the cacti bunch can kill you with their hazardous cactus arms. Thus, these dry pokedex are more dreadful in appearance. Likewise, can you imagine that Grass formed pokedex is not stressing to you?

Phantump – Pokemon Moon and Sun 

This Pokemon is quite depressing. This entry was generated and existed due to a child’s Ghost, who decided, “I am not interested in staying dumb just like Shuppet. Rather, I want to be like this tree stump”. Are you accessible and have a similar desire to become?

Since then, this little guy has evolved into Ghost, a sort of evil Smokey. Hence another entry Trevenant illustrates, “this marvelous pokemon is called to consume your cute pokemon in eliminating the forest”. Whether you’re trying to protect your wildlife from destruction. On the other hand, Trevenant professed itself executioner, jury, and judge and then moved to the Pokemon town. 

Gorebyss – Pokemon Ultra Moon

This Pokedex is a highly expert predator that can suck its prey’s body fluid and leave its body meat. The body remains to sink deep into the seafloor. You can state such Pokedex as carnivorous. You can see what this class is eating, and these are about 6 feet long. Though, they can eat anything short of a wailord type. 

Now, imagine if such pokedex entries come across you during your journey. These would be brightly colored, and all are friendly. They are swimming in your surrounding. When they find their victim is tired from any other activity, they stick their detrimental nose into the victim’s spine. Hence, they can easily take your body fluid. 

Drifloon – Pokemon Moon and Sun 

Do you know the precautions while moving through the newly created pokedex entries world? What’s worse circumstances are when your offspring starts becoming the stump Pokemon? It would be best if you were carried away from them by balloon Pokemon. Now you can find if any stump is present near you easily. 

Dear Pokemon, a circus or a group in this Pokemon universe can simply turn into a more terrifying form. Where is my Timny? He was desired to get the balloons, but unfortunately, we didn’t achieve the balloons. Then with some time, you try to find Timny; it might be he has gone to ghastly existence. 

Gourgeist – Pokemon Y

Here you can enjoy the pumpkin-themed ghost of Pokedex entry which would be a sadist. They are just chasing the individuals around them. Then grab them and make them laugh because they are torturing you and pushing you into hell. Now can you see what these are exactly said? No. Do you know what Gourgeist is performing in the inventory? Hence, we’ve checked the pokedex entries, and these Ghost ones are all evil. 

Froslass – Pokemon Moon and Sun

Froslass is an expert in interior designing accessories. So, I like her activities and respect her wishes because she loves adding designs to her surroundings. Meanwhile, it’s dark enough too. We assume that it’s also a bit hazardous. We analyze as Frank went hiking and still now he’s never seen again. Whether he is out of town in trouble and reached an end table, or maybe he is enjoying the designs with Froslass.

Parasect – Pokemon Yellow

Parasect Poedex is all about the dead entries. They are more like mushrooms. You must be active and trained because you’re going to face an awful situation. Do you hear ‘Last of Us’? Never ever, these are more dreadful and dead to you. So, you’ll never decide to create ethical dead animes for others. 

Houndoom – Pokemon Gold

When you caught the hottest pot on the stove, we experienced such work. These are very aching things that may happen often. Can you remember that burnt appendage remains with us for at least a week? 

Now you can imagine the same burning feeling with this pokedex experience. These are worrying moments for you. Though, you can use this pokedex to kill your enemy. Because your enemy will never get peace at any moment. 

Pokedex Abilities

There are various hidden abilities in the Pokedex entries of Pokemon. Fusions disclose the body’s additional abilities. These are hidden at first. These hidden abilities seem to be transferred from unfused forms to new unique ones. Thus, these are dynamic abilities and static abilities.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Pokedex Abilities

Static Abilities

Name1st half of head & 2nd half of body
Stats2* (bodyStat / 3) + (headStat / 3) = ATK/Def/spd2* (headStat / 3) + (bodyStat / 3) = SAtt/Sdef/HP
Type1st half of head & 2nd half of body
Pokédex entryCombined
Abilities1st half of head & 2nd half of body or hidden
Species typeCombined
CrySame as head
Growth rateSame as head
Catch rateAverage
Evolution methodCombined
Steps to hatchSame as head
ColorSame as head

Dynamic Abilities

LevelDNA Splicers: 80%Super Splicers: 90%
Held ItemRemoved (stored in bag)
MovesReset & natural moveset at current stage
Pokedex StatusIf it’s new then Body species set to “Owned”Head species status is not updated
HappinessReset to base happiness


How many Pokedex possible entries in Pokémon Infinite Fusion?

Once a Pokemon gamer fuses two Pokemon, various Pokédex entries exist, such as over 175,980. 

What is the first most No.#1 entry in Pokedex?

Bulbasaur is the first entry that’s referred to as the 001 number. Likewise, the last one is Mew, with a number of entries 151. There are various alternative forms of pokedex.

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