Pokemon Infinite Fusion Dusk Stone Location

Are you finding the Dusk Stone in the Pokemon inventory, but it’s not located? If you want to achieve the Dusk stone in the Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you must visit the town in the daytime (6 AM-8 PM), Afternoon time (12 PM-8 PM), and evening (5 PM-8 PM).

Then you must visit the treasure hunt and find ones in Scarlet and Violet. You can get the two Pokemon that are evolved in Dusk Stone. 

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These two Pokemon are; base and evolved Pokemon:

  • Murkrow – Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus – Mismagius 

Meanwhile, you must know that in previous gameplay, it evolves Doublade into ‘Aegislash’ and Lampent into ‘Chandelure.’ So, those Pokemon don’t evolve into Scarlet and Violet. If you desire to enjoy them, you must accomplish them from Shield and Sword.

  • Lampent – Chandelure
  • Doublade – Aegislash
  • Phantump – Trevenant
  • Dusclops – Dusknoir
Pokemon Infinite Fusion Dusk Stone Location


Another main factor is where you can achieve the Pokemon of Dusk Stone in your required Scarlet & Violet. In this regard, there are three main localities to fetch a Dusk Stone:

  • Montenevera
  • Porto Marinada Auction House
  • Random Spawn (the great Crater of Paldea)

Achieve the Dusk Stone in Montenevera

It would help if you analyzed behind the gym; you can spot the dusk stone easily here. In Montenevera, it’s the only guaranteed Spawn to get a Pokemon Dusk Stone in Scarlet and Violet. 

Suppose you are in the amazing festive in Montenevera town. You see the gym on the landscape of the top of the hills. Now you want to go back to your home. Here, you have seen the red item of Pokeball shape on the ground. You must pick it up. Fortunately, the best item (a Dusk Stone) awaits you, and you get your target dusk stone. 

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Dusk Stone Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Porto Marinada Auction House Dusk Stone

There is a probability of the Dusk Stone at the Porto Marinada Auction House. Once you setback the Open Sky Titan, you can achieve unlocked swims. So, you’ve promoted your ability to bid on items. 

Therefore, you will find diversified accessories at auction houses daily. Before achieving the Dusk Stone, you can try back and forth a few times and get the better items.

If you don’t wait for some time, then you can manually alter your Switch’s date according to upcoming days. This way, you can enjoy the next-level items set immediately instead of waiting.

Great Crater of Paldea Dusk Stone

You gain your Dusk Stones as in Random drops in the Great Crater of Pladea. You just need to get access to the Paldea. However, you must keep your fingers crossed and watch for the golden sparkles.

If you want to earn more Dusk Stones, keep an eye on all the daily offerings. 

Some of the additional locations for Dusk Stone

The location of Dusk Stone in Terminus Cave 

When you’re returning to the previous fork, go to the west. Then you have to follow the straight pathway and jump the ledges. You will meet the hidden Dusk ball in the rock at the end of your destination on the left side.  

The exact location of Pokemon infinite fusion Dusk Stone

  • Bag Section – item
  • Selling price – 3800
  • Buying price – 7600
  • Used in – Certain Pokémon are evolved
  • Obtained – Merchant’s Ridge (Friday after 8 pm). Traveling Merchants sell it on Ridge of Merchant. Sometimes it meets locked behind a cut tree in the Ridge. Moreover, it can also be found on Monday from Trident Tower for 1 Trident Token.

Dusk Stone of Pokemon on Route 10

You can use this route to evolve the Lampent. You can pass a person who can bring the Dusk Stone for you from South of Hiker-Bret on the central bridge.

Some of the additional locations for Dusk Stone

Can I utilize the Dusk Stone once?

However, once you gain the Dusk Stones, these will become a significant part of the Pokemon world in pearls and Diamonds generations. When playing the Shield and Sword games, you can use all the evolutionary items of these infinite amounts found in the Digging Duo and Lake Outrage. Eventually, these dusk stones are used only for four Pokemon out of 898. 

Finally, when you’re playing the game, you can get only two Dusk Stones in your whole journey. After buying these stones from the game inventory, you can get various amounts of Fire, Leaf, Thunder, and Water. Thus, you can purchase the dusk stone for 5000 gold from the traveling merchant and sell it for 2500 to 3250 Gold. So even the gamers unfamiliar with Scarlet and Violet understand that it’s negligible. If you are a Pokemon gamer, try the Dusk Stones to get the advanced gameplay.

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