Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites has been inspired by fusion art and now this has been a new way of making Pokemon sprites. By adding any of two existing Pokemon sprites, users can create a new one. But if fusion is applied on already fused Pokemon then this will un-fuse it. 

The fusion feature excites the fans/users to make their own custom Pokemon so that they can be used in any of the games on the internet. The fans are increasing day by day making it one of the most popular communities of fusions.

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Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites

How Can The Create Pokemon Infinite Fusion Sprites Are Created?

  • You can download Software named “Paint Tool SAI” and it’s completely free. You guys can download
  • After downloading it, open your new file in SAI. Now you are able to draw your sprite. 
  • Once the drawing is done, save this as a PNG file.
  • Next, open up Pokemon Infinite Fusion and go to “options, you can find it on the gear icon of your screen. 
  • After clicking “options” select “Import Images”. 

This will take you to another window where the image can be selected from your computer into Pokemon Infinite Fusion’s database of images; click each individual until all four have been selected and then hit OK!

Steps for Creating Sprites

  • Collect Pokemon Images.
  • Select the template of the sprite.
  • Customize the sprite or edit it.
Steps for Creating Sprites

Tools to create Sprites:

The following tools to create can be used sprites:

  • Computer having graphic programs or with an image editor.
  • Pokemon game cartridge and a method of playing it on the computer by using an emulator. 

Different techniques are being adopted by the users for making sprites. The most common technique is pixel art which edits each individual Pixel of an image. 

The other technique is the use of vector graphics which involves adding lines instead of pixels as it is a more convenient way. Some other programs are available as well that give you the freedom to fusion images without accessing your computer’s hard drive.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Sprites:

All you need to have is higher-quality images and layers. The images can be seen on different platforms like Google and DeviantArt. 

It’s important to use a reference image for every sprite you make. This will give your sprite a realistic look with detailed orientation.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Sprites:

Animating the Sprite:

After having Sprite, it’s time to make it more beautiful by animating it! 

  • Create Frames: 

At the top right corner of your computer screen you can see the “Create New Frame” button, click on it. Now you are free to draw or paste whatever you want. Add enough frames for all of your Pokemon’s moves.

  • Add Effects:

Selecting either from “Advance” or “Basic” click “Effects”. Experiment with different options and try them until they start working, but keep in mind that not everything needs an effect. If nothing goes best with your custom sprite don’t bother to keep working and try to explore the effect more to go with your required animation.

Sharing the Sprite:

After creating your best fusion and animated one. Now it’s time to let the World Know about your custom sprite by sharing it.

  • Save the sprite as an image.
  • Tag your Pokemon and post it on social media and let others see it.
  • Make a link to your poke image and mail it to your friend, family, and colleagues.
Animating the Sprite:


Is it available on mobile or not?

Officially it doesn’t support it but by using third-party apps the user can be able to Play it.

How to improve the performance?

Reduce your window size. Go to the first option and try to activate “smooth mode” after pressing ‘F1’. 


The Pokemon Infinite fusion sprites have captured much of an audience just because of their fusion features as this allows its fans/users to custom their own poke-community. 

The process of creating Pokemon has been discussed in this article and it’s almost easy to create sprites according to your requirement by following it. But yes, you can approach different techniques as well for creating custom sprites, for your games Internet.

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