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Pokemon users have the ultimate source of unique creation via the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Wiki. If you’ve recognized the entire features of the Pokemon Fusion game, you must know about the wiki guide of Pokemon Infinite Fusion. It leads you to customize your distinctive creations.

It’s the best time to organize your advanced game with adventurous features. Let’s permit to merge of the explicit DNA Splicers into one-of-a-kind species of Pokemon. Although, our developer’s community is motivated by the Pokemon .alexansager. fusion generator. That’s why unique Pokemon sprites are increased and feature more than 22,801. You can experience even more unique forms. You need to press on Menu button and add your Paragon names and fairy type to your cool Pokemon

All information about Pokemon Infinite Fusion game

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Wiki

The Wiki site is proficient, where all players can share their own experiences.

Upcoming fusions have their own regular move-sets, Pokédex entries, and stats. You must know that you can fuse the Pokémon by fusing new features together. If you want to fuse a new character with previous (already existing) Pokemon, it can infuse those Pokemon. Various Pokemon fans have lost their gaming experience in this practice. When you fuse two new Pokemon, one can generate the body, and the other partner Pokemon will make the head region. 

Moreover, you can determine your fusion name, trainer ID, and EV/IV. Suppose you’re going to fuse the Pokemon, then try to know the real move of your fusion. How your unique creation has been fused. There are two abilities that assist you in generating your new sets.

DNA Splicers

Pokemon Infinite Fusion DNA Splicers

These are the unfused or fused fragments to make the Pokemon. Well, Pokemon gamers love to purchase these splicers from Pokémart in the initial stage of the game. The consumable item’s price is $500.

Fused forms: These sets achieve the average level when you fuse the Pokemon.

Unfuse forms: 

  • Applying the DNA Splicers and unfused forms lose their 25% experience in all the versions before 4.9.1.
  • The Pokemon get their initial form that was before their fusion in versions 4.9.1+. By reverting to their original forms, they achieve their previous additional experience. 

 Super Splicers

Pokemon Infinite Fusion super fusions

This version brings improved, advanced forms with salient features into the DNA Splicers. You can acquire these amazing ones when you gain the four badges. After that, these authoritative forms appear and level up your gameplay. These Consumable items are accessible at a $1000 price.

Fusing Forms: 

  • These Pokemon provide the highest levels after fusion
  • Pokemon’s powerful nature continues 

Unfused Forms:

  • Super splicers lose 10% of the fusion experience after unfusion, especially in the entire version before 4.9.1.
  • Pokemon splicers return to their forms that were before fusions, and it applies to all versions of 4.9.1+.

Infinite Splicers

These are the whole final versions of DNA Splicers for Wiki Pokemon. You can achieve these forms by defeating the authoritative bosses of the lab. Fortunately, these splicers can work like DNA splicers for Pokemon. These will not be consumed by using. 

DNA Reversers

Pokemon Infinite Fusion DNA Reversers

These are the precise units that can be inverted into their existing forms. You can enjoy these fusions after getting the 8 Gym badges from PokéMart. Their purchasing option will appear after clearing various stages of the game from Silph Co. Thus, you can purchase these DNAs at a $1200 price.

These DNAs are usable in trading Evolutionary Pokemon.

Inversion of fusions occurs, such as head into body and body converting to head.

Furthermore, some Pokemon have their own Primary & secondary types.

PokémonNew typing
DewgongWater / Ice
OmastarRock / Water
SpiritombGhost / Dark
MagnetonElectric / Steel
FerrothornGrass / Steel
ScizorBug / Steel
MagnemiteElectric / Steel
OmanyteRock / Water
MagnezoneElectric / Steel
EmpoleonWater / Steel
CelebiPsychic / Grass

There are some exceptions that can pass through the same types.

PokémonTypes Passed
Gengar, Haunter, and GastlyGhost
Venusaur, Ivysaur and BulbasaurGrass
Graveler, Golem and GeodudeRock

Pokemon Fusion Wiki Stats

Suppose you’re a beginner at Pokemon fusion inventory and want to know the actual states of upcoming species. You must know that whole stats are based on the body and head states of fusing Pokemons. Its real formula is the averaged form of both physical stats like for body (Spd, Def, Atk). Meanwhile, these are for the head part represented as (Sp. Def, Sp. Atk, HP).

Spd, Def, Atk

Fusion Stat = 2* (Pokemon body Stat / 3) + (Pokemon head Stat / 3)

Sp.Def, Sp.Atk, HP

Fusion Stat = (Pokemon body Stat / 3) + 2* (Pokemon head Stat / 3)


  • All game attributes are customizable
  • A huge inventory of Pokemon database
  • The randomized mode is supportive of saving the newly generated files. (Learn: How to Randomize Pokemon)
  • Gamers can adjust their desired volume of the sound system while playing their fusion game. 
  • You can activate its auto-save option that lets you save all the newly generated files. You are free to manual saving your files.
  • Custom sprites can be achieved and utilized from Custom-battler graphics. These sprites can boost your powers, and your game moves to the next level.
  • You can set your menu options and achieve a more professional battle UI. You may get rid of the classic game interface. 
  • Classic > Pokémon menus on Generation 4
  • EBS > Powerful Battle menus on Generation 5
  • NxtGen > For Pokemon Generation 6
  • Furthermore, you can adjust your camera movements. Camera control can enable or disable during hard battles.
  • Players have access to change the screen size on their windows


 The fan-made gameplay of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Wiki attracts various players than all its previous editions. Players love to utilize its controllable interface. Pokemon’s invert, revert and convert options are the best-ever features. You can convert your desired traits into unique forms. Sometimes you want to play the inversed versions of your normal fusions. Likewise, you can reset your Pokemon into their original form if your fusions seem matchless.

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